5 Steps to starting your own handmade jewellery business

The Jewellery industry is competitive there are hundreds if not thousands of jewellery designers who are doing exactly what you aim to do. So make sure you have the patience, financial resolve and talent to make a name for yourself. Here are 4 tips that should help you on your way to a profitable jewellery business


Research your industry, visit trade shows, competitor’s boutiques, establish a what makes your offering unique, gain inspiration and most of all evaluate the workmanship that goes it each piece.



So you have scoured to the Internet, visited boutiques and attended a few trade shows. Now it’s time to create an identity for your brand. Who will be your target audience, age range and the where does you brand sit. Start with a list of four core lines you would like to create. It is often cheaper to stick with a limited number of lines of whilst building your brand. Do not get sucked in by current trends.


Build a website

All reputable companies have a website to showcase their products; there are a few sites which take the geek out of web development. Building a website can be as easy as drag and drop. It is far cheaper to work with a website than a retail store the issue is getting people to your site can become an expensive exercise. Focus on SEO to bring natural traffic, list your items on sites such as pinterest. Use your Facebook contacts to promote your site. Also look into Google adwords and Facebook advertising to help generate traffic.


Contact Buyers

Send samples, contact buyers directly. This can be tricky and time consuming, however it can be rewarding. Remember that buyers get hundreds of wannabe designers emailing them about their lines. So you need to stand out, have a product that excites. The handmade jewellery field is highly competitive; there are hundreds of talent designers so before you contact buyers ensure your lines are of the highest calibre.


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